Oh ya! It's a lot more fun causing trouble with someone!!! That's why my awesome wife and best friend Rose and I are always planning our next round of shennanigans.

It might just be a local day out, weekend away or a full-blown get on a jet plane and zip away trip! Whatever it is we enjoy each and every moment to the max.

We have travelled and continue to experience different places and different faces. Each year we make our plan and stick to it. Whether you travel alone (which is also do a lot of), or with a partner, the biggest thing is just to set the plan in motion. It's easy to say "wow, I'd love to do that some day" but most of the time that sort of half convinced voice will only get you as far as a website. You need to make it happen by committing to it.

I do a fair bit of solo travelling. It's amazing having a partner who supports me. Mostly my trips have to do with my yoga teaching or photography.

I spend a good amount of time in Costa Rica where I teach and live Pura Vida at The Peace Retreat.  It is one of the most amazing places I've visited. Simplicity, incredible people and a community of welcoming and friendly locals. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to spend time with amazing people and to enjoy doing what I love in such an amazing place.

I hope you enjoy some of my musings, my advice and my view through the lens. If you get one thing out of this site, I hope its a passion to travel.


Mike C.