Home Sweet Home

There is most definitely something to be said about sleeping in your own bed. Especially when you travel a lot. There is also something to be said about being proud of your own stomping ground.

While travelling and experience the world is amazing, I often look around at where I live through the lens of a traveller and realize just how amazing our region is! World Class Wineries, budding craft brewing industry, one of the seven wonders of the world (Niagara Falls) and some of the most beautiful Green Space anywhere! We have endless trails, lakes, marshlands, cycle friendly routes and a great mix of touristy and not to touristy attractions to enjoy!!

I spend a fair amount of time enjoying our amenities and "travelling at home". I also take advantage of some incredible back drops to teach yoga outside in the summer and fall months. When the fall months hit and the leaves begin to paint pictures with their colour, I always have my family photo shoots in one of the hundreds of beautiful parks and conservation areas we have to offer!

Visiting the Niagara Region is something I encourage anyone to experience. There is just so much to do! Honestly, it's a playground on so many levels. Lots of adult things to do. Tons of family friendly adventures to take. A great community for athletes to experience everything from Obstacle course races like the Grapes of Wrath to Triathlon Races with MultiSport Canadato any number of incredible running races including one near and dear to me, The Niagara Ultra.

Really, you could spend a week here and never even scratch the surface of all the amazing activities and sights you can experience. The best way though, is to make a plan, check out some places of interest, fill your days with enough to keep you busy but leave enough to just dive into anything that "comes up". Us Niagara peeps are pretty darn friendly and you never know when you might just get invited somewhere while you're out being a tourist!!!

I love my hometown and the community I am so fortunate to be part of. When travelling abroad, I take every opportunity to sing the praises of my Home and Native Land. Proudly Canadian. Proud Niagara Resident! Citizen of the World!

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