WestJet Airlines

I travel enough to have an educated opinion on a few airlines. I don't have an affiliation with any. I do however have some opinions about air travel based on a number of factors.

First of all, Westjet is a Canadian based Airline. They offer excellent coverage across Canada and the USA as well as major centres in the Caribbean, Central America and a couple of European destinations.

Hey, I am Canadian and support Canadian business wherever possible. WestJet is a good example of a company that started with an idea in mind and actually "finished the check". (Shameless hockey reference).

Booking with WestJet is easy. The website is responsive and practical. They have a straight forward booking process that is clear and easy to use. The telephone service is equally as good. I have only used it for modifications and additional information but the CSR person has always been professional and well informed.

Their App is great. It's comparable with any other Airline app in that it gives you complete access to your booking, ability to do your check-in and the ability to have your boarding pass on your phone. For me, that is the game changer. I don't like printing and carrying boarding passes so any airline must have an option to keep it digital.

Check in at the Airport. It's the same as any other airline. Stand in line, check your bags, show your passport, move along. Done. The same applies to the boarding process. It is what it is. We wait in line, board when the speaker tells us to board and then queue and load. Nothing special.

In flight service is something that is subjective. I've heard a good number of people complaining about a number of issues. I personally, have never experienced any negative service. If you are a needy traveller, you can easily poke holes into ANY airline service. Some people just have standards that are unrealistic. You have 3-4 flight attendants and 300+ people. Do the math.

The flight crew on every flight I've had with WestJet (13 trips, 26 flights) has always been courteous, professional and responsive. I am not a needy person but I do ask for things from time to time. I've never had rude or unprofessional responses to any of my minor requests. I have also seen interactions from "needy" passengers and witnessed nothing short of attentive and quick responses from the staff.

I fly quite a bit (6-8 times a year) and experience many different airlines. WestJet ranks near the top for me. They aren't the glitz and glam airline but they do offer a solid, friendly and professional service. You may not be WOWED, but you will certainly be taken care of!!!