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The dream of many yoga teachers is to travel and teach in exotic locations around the world. Maybe host retreats or even lead their own 200 hour teacher training. Regardless of the what, most struggle with the how part. It’s a big world and the yoga  industry is huge and growing. So where do you start?

Decide what it is you’d like to do. Do you just want to go and plug in to a week or two of teaching somewhere? Maybe you’d like to pick up and have an extended stay and teach opportunity. How about lead a retreat in Costa Rica or Italy? When you have the what decided, you can start your selection process.

I have worked with Fit Bodies Inc. a few times and really enjoyed the experience. Basically you join for a small annual fee and then search available Resorts that are represented by Fit Bodies. For a booking fee (ranges from $400 USD up), you get to go teach in a pre-arranged situation at an all inclusive resort. Here’s the kicker. Most of the assignments include a travelling companion at no additional cost. Some even include kids under 12 for free! Pretty amazing. You just cover the fee, Air and transfers. It’s not free but I’ve stayed at Five Star Resorts with my Wife and two young adult children for less than the cost of one all inclusive stay!

If you’re looking for a longer term opportunity around the world, the absolute best place I’ve found is Yoga Trade. There are a few options for membership from FREE to Premium ($72 USD). They have a HUGE array of listings from around the world. Some are full-time gigs! If you’re free and clear with nothing holding you back, you’d have an enormous selection of opportunities. There are some with shorter terms as well and really a great selection from Europe, Asia, Tropical locales and exotic places like Bali!

What about leading retreats or trainings? There are thousand of options around the world!! I work with the Peace Retreat Costa Rica as a Facilitator for their Yoga School – Swashta Yoga International.  I absolutely love everything about it. They have the facilities and resources to help you create an amazing experience for retreats and teacher trainings. It really is everything you need to create your experience. You just have to sell it to your people! Most resorts that promote hosting retreats have complete packages where you can arrange, organize, advertise and book all your guests yourself or with some level of assistance for a fee from the resort. There are also “Canned and Ready to Serve” booking agencies out there that provide everything. The nice thing is you don’t have a obligation financially to put a big non-refundable deposit. That in itself can make it less stressful to book a retreat in a very highly competitive market. Places like Book Yoga Retreats and Trip Tribe are two examples of successful companies that offer this kind of service. Book Yoga Retreats is more of a Portal while Trip Tribe really takes over all the details.

What if I am just a yogi with wanderlust looking to immerse myself in yoga culture? The Peace Retreat Costa Rica has a Volunteer Program that is perfect for those willing to commit to being of service while staying as part of a thriving community immersed in wellness! You’ll meet and work with people from all over the world and will be able to explore and experience the beautiful Costa Rican culture. If you are ready to commit to something like this, explore the links provided and find out what might be possible for you.

Whatever your passion is for travel, teaching or just immersing yourself in Yoga culture; There are limitless possibilities. As a teacher or a practitioner, the yoga world is open to explore and can offer you even more reason to get up, get out and see the world. Life is to be experienced, not watched.


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